Monday Funday

What's up guys! It's Monday! Time to get after it. Nothing more motivating than watching the best athletes crush it all weekend at the Crossfit games! Today is a good one! Let's start the week strong

- Coach Parker 🏋🏼


Programming 8/7-8/11/17


Strength: Tempo Back Squat

5x3 @80% (5 sec down, o pause)


Conditioning: 10 Min amrap

8 power cleans 135/95

8 t2b

(3 burpees at the top of each minute)


Core + Accessorie: 3 sets

20 wide grip bent over rows

30 hollow rocks


Lean and Mean: 16 min amrap

10 hang cleans 65/45

10 v ups

10 OB burpees


Parker Williams