Monday Funday!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I took a trip to Orlando with my family to the new Volcano Bay! It's an awesome water park. If you have the opportunity definitely go check it out!! 

lets get ready for a fun week! Make sure you are hydrating well. Remember ladies 3/4 gal and fellas 1 gal per day. See me for tips on how to accomplish that! I have more than I listed in my recent video! 

Coach Louis  


Power Cleans

Work up to a 2 rep max


Back Squat



Lean and Mean 

18 min Emom (6 rounds)

Min 1: 16 jump lunges

Min 2: 12 kb swings

Min 3: 8 burpees



100 crunches (first 50 can be weighted if you want)

Louis Papas