22 June 2017

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had so much fun today, I know I did. I can't wait to get back to it tomorrow with some more lower body work. Don't forget to Spend some time working on mobility, it's one of the best ways to avoid injury. 

Until tomorrow, 

✌🏽️Coach Syd 😇  


⬇️⬇️Thursday ⬇️ ⬇️  


Front Squat

3x6 reps @70-75%

first 3 reps of each set are 2 sec pause



400m run

25 deadlifts 185/125

400m run

20 deadlifts

400m run

15 deadlifts

400m run

10 deadlifts


Lean and mean:

same except they will choose a light weight and do 25 reps each time

Sydney Warpness