We had an awesome time playing Wiffle ball today. We are going to try and have a fitness style game more often on Wednesdays so be on the lookout! You don't want to miss these days. Tomorrow and Friday I will be reporting to you from Miami as we head south for The American Open Series Weightlifting Meet. There will be a live feed from the event if you'd Iike to watch. I posted the info on the board in the lobby. 

Coach Louis

Conditioning: 6 min amrap

3 deadlifts 315/205

5 bar facing burpees

rest 10 min

Conditioning 2:

50 front squats 95/65


50 kb swings


Lean and Mean

2000m row

rest 10 min

5 rounds

15 deadlifts

10 front squats

1 min jump rope (double unders or singles)

50 ft lunge

Core: 100 Crunches (weighted if possible)

Louis Papas
It's game time!!

Tomorrow we are going to play a little game. It's known as the National Pastime. I'm gonna leave that as a hint and simply say. Don't miss tomorrow! You'll regret it! 

Coach Louis

strength: Moblity

condtioning : show up and you'll see. 😊 

Louis Papas

Great job today everyone. Let's keep pressing our way through the week! Get it? Because on Tuesday we press?!  Good one right???!!!  

See you all tomorrow  

Coach Louis  


Strength: Bench Press/ strict pull ups


5x3 ahap

5x8-12 pull ups


Conditioning: 5 rounds

5 hang power cleans 155/105

15 hr push ups

50 double unders


Lean and Mean: 15 min amrap

10 push press

10 box step ups 20”

30 mountain climbers

Louis Papas
Monday Funday!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I took a trip to Orlando with my family to the new Volcano Bay! It's an awesome water park. If you have the opportunity definitely go check it out!! 

lets get ready for a fun week! Make sure you are hydrating well. Remember ladies 3/4 gal and fellas 1 gal per day. See me for tips on how to accomplish that! I have more than I listed in my recent video! 

Coach Louis  


Power Cleans

Work up to a 2 rep max


Back Squat



Lean and Mean 

18 min Emom (6 rounds)

Min 1: 16 jump lunges

Min 2: 12 kb swings

Min 3: 8 burpees



100 crunches (first 50 can be weighted if you want)

Louis Papas
22 July 2017

🍾🌈Happy Saturday yall 🎉🍭 


Open gym 9-12

Partner workout: 3 rounds

100 ft walking lunge (each)

30 clean and jerk 135/95

40 t2b

50 burpees

Sydney Warpness
21 July 2017

Strength: Snatch complex

4 sets of:

2 snatch pull + 1 power snatch

Conditioning: 15 min amrap

35 double unders

10 hang power snatch 95/65


Sydney Warpness
20 July 2017

hey everyone, 

it was so fun to see all that teamwork today. I hope one day we can all love cardio teamwork day💪🏽👫🏃‍♀️🏃 .


See yall tomorrow  



⬇️⬇️Thursday ⬇️ ⬇️  

Strength: Hang squat clean

3x3 heavy

Conditioning: 25-20-15-10-5

Deadlifts 185/125

wall balls

Lean and Mean: 5 rounds

20 wall balls

400m run

Sydney Warpness
19 July 2017

Hey yall sorry I'm a bit late tonight. Rest up and see you tomorrow for cardio day ✅  



⬇️⬇️Wednesday ⬇️⬇️ 


Skill: OH squat

6 reps x...

10 min steady work building in weighT


Conditioning: Alternating Sprints



Sydney Warpness
18 July 2017

Hey everyone, 

It was good to see everyone all rested up and ready for this week. Can't wait to have some more fun tomorrow.  


See you soon  

😇Coach Syd ✌  


⬇️⬇️Tuesday ⬇️⬇️ 

Strength: 10 Min EMOM

1 clean + 3 push press

Conditioning: 5 rounds

15 push ups

15 kb swings

30 double unders

300m row

Lean and Mean: 10 min emom +10 min row for max calories

10 kb swings + 5 burpees


10 min max cal row

Sydney Warpness
17 July 2017


Back squat  5x5@70% 


No touch muscle snatch 3x5 one weight  



15 min emom  

Min1: 20 air squat  

Min 2: 15 v ups  

Min 3: 10 pull ups or ring pull ups  

Sydney Warpness
15 July 2017

Open gym 9-12

Partner workout: 4 rounds

60 OB wall balls

30 power snatches 95/65

400m run (together)


happy weekend y'all 😇 

Sydney Warpness
14 July 2017


Strength: 20 min clock

find 1 rm power snatch + 1 rm power clean and jerk



15min ladder  

5 burpees  

10 doubles  

10 burpees  

20 doubles  

15 burpees  

30 doubles  

20 burpees  

40 doubles  

25 burpees  

50 doubles ...

Sydney Warpness
13 July 2017

Hey yall, 

Its Syd 😇  

Come visit me in the morning sometime. Most mornings there's a breeze. 


⬇️⬇️Thursday ⬇️ ⬇️  

Strength: lift off/deadlift

5x 3 lift offs + 3 deadlifts


Conditioning: 5 rounds

20 kb swings 55/35

10 box jumps 24/20”

40 doubtle unders

Sydney Warpness
12 July 2017

Hay all,

Congrats on making it to HuMpDaY!!! Come ready for a long and steady cardio Wednesday. 


Have a lovely night and rest up!

✌🏽️Coach Syd 😇 


⬇️ ⬇️ Wednesday😍⬇️⬇️

Skill: double/triple unders

5 min

Conditioning: 3 rounds

20 pull ups

500m row

800m run

Sydney Warpness
11 July 2017

Hey y'all, 

hope you had a wonderful Monday. Happy to see everyone back at it. Keep up the hard work into tomorrow. Have a lovely night ☺️  

😘Coach Syd 

⬇️⬇️Tuesday ⬇️⬇️

Strength: Split Jerk press + Split jerk

warm up: 3x5 strict press in split stance

Split jerk

4x3 ( move up each set)



100 ft hand stand walk

400m run

50 t2b

50 hspu


Lean and Mean: 18 min emom

Min 1: 8-10 push press

Min 2: 10 v ups

Min 3: 20-30 plank shoulder touches

Sydney Warpness
10 July 2017

Hey yall, 

Coach Syd here 🤗 

I hope you all are recovered grin all that fun in the sun this weekend 🌞.can't wait to see yall tomorrow!! 

😘Coach Syd ✌  


⬇️⬇️Monday ⬇️ ⬇️  



Squat Clean:

3x3 @75%+

Front sq:

5 front squats @ clean weight

every 2 min for 5 sets


4 alternating sets:

10-12 bent over rows

25 hollow rocks



Lean and Mean:

5 rounds

20 front squats (choose weight)

20 ab mat sit ups

10 burpees

Sydney Warpness

Just a reminder the gym will be closed tomorrow bescuase we are having a beach bash in front of Sea Colony. You can drive on at A st or park at the park entrance just to the north of Publix on A1A beach and walk on. We will have a grill and games so bring all your beach gear. There will be a workout at some point after 9am. Come ready to get sweaty , sandy, and maybe a little wet. See you all on the beach 

Coach Louis  

Beach Party 9am - Whenever

Louis Papas

We made it!  

Dont forget to check your email about the beach bash on Saturday!  

See you all tomorrow  

Coach Louis

Strength: OH squat

4x5 (heavier then last week)

Conditioning: 8 rounds

6 front squats 135/95

5 s20

200m run

Lean and Mean: Emom 20

odd: 8-12 calories

even: 8-12 burpees

Louis Papas

Did anyone else feel like today was another Monday? Well thank you to those who came to row today. You will not regret it. Tomorrow we are going to try a little different type of deadlifts. Come in with an open mind, and a full belly and get ready to lift some heavy stuff.  

Coach Louis  

Strength: deadlift lift offs

5x5 moderate to heavy


Conditioning: Hang clean Helen

3 rounds

400m run

21 hang cleans 115/75

12 pull ups


Lean and Mean

20 min am rap

10 ring rows

15 kb swings

20 in place lunges

Louis Papas

Hope everyone had a great 4th of a July  come on in tomorrow and work off all those hotdogs and beers!


Coach Louis  




3000m slow

rest 5 min

2000m moderate

rest 5 min

1000m fast


Core: Strict T2b


Louis Papas