Raise your hand if you wanna see thrusters in the programming more often! 🙋🏻‍♂️ Just kidding! Tomorrow we will see yet another different movement. One that we haven't done in a very long time. The Sumo Deadlift Highpull. Don't worry you will have plenty of time to practice it!

see you all tomorrow  

Coach Louis


Strength: Push Press




30 strict hspu (45 on box)

30 sdlhp 135/95

30 kipping hspu

30 burpees


Lean and Mean

20 min amrap

300m row

10 burpees

Louis Papas
Monday Funday

I hope you all had a great weekend. Hoping everyone has power back by now. If anyone still needs help please don't hesitate to ask. 

The next session of The Barbell Club has been postponed to next Monday. The new start date is September 25th. Registration will remain open until Friday the 22nd. Last session we had an amazing amount of PR's at the end. If anyone would like to better their Olympic Lifts than this is the program for you. 


See you all Tomorrow  

Coach Louis


Strength: Back Squat

Find 3 rep max


Conditioning: 8 min ladder

3 pull ups

3 thrusters 135/95




Lean and Mean: 16 min am rap

8 thrusters

8 ring rows

30 doubles or 60 singles

Louis Papas

We made it to Friday! Regular scheduled classes resume today. Hope to see everyone back at it. 



Strength: Back rack walking lunges



Conditioning: 5 rounds

50 mountain climbers

50 double unders

20 wall balls

200m run

Parker Williams

Awesome to see some of you guys today, back at it, and pushing hard! 

Same schedule for Thursday except we will have the 4pm as well. So, 530am 9am 4pm

and 530pm



Core: 50 weighted crunches

Conditioning: EMOM 30

Min 1: 4 power cleans

Min 2: 8 box jumps 30/24"

Min 3: 12 t2b

Parker Williams

Gym hours today will be

5:30am, 9:00am, and 5:30pm

We hope everyone was able to get back to there homes today. If you need help cleaning up, or with anything at all, please let us know! This is the best part about our gym. This is an opportunity to help the community! 

- Coach Parker


Programming 9/13-9/15/17


Strength: 5 rounds (not for time)

5 back squat

6-8 strict pull ups

7-10 strict hspu (12 if on box)


Conditioning: 3 rounds

500m row

15 burpees

20 kb swings

Parker Williams

We hope everyone was able to stay safe during Irma. Unfortunately the gym will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday). Check in tomorrow for an update about Wednesday. We can't wait to get back! Stay safe everyone.


Parker Williams

It's Friday!  I hope everyone is stayin safe, and that you have plans in place for the storm. No evening classes tomorrow! Last class is 12pm. Also no classes Saturday. Stay safe!



Strength: Muscle Snatch

4x4 heavy

Conditioning: 3 rounds

8 sq snatch (choose weight)

12 strict hspu (18 on box)

16 over box jumps 24/20”

Lean and Mean: 20 min amrap

10 muscle snatches

20 jump lunges

300m row

Parker Williams

Awesome job yesterday! Make sure to get to the gym and get your deadlifts in!

Also, Beachside Barbell is starting back up soon! Make sure to tune in for the start dates, or ask Coach Louis.



Strength: Deadlift

3x2 @95% 3rm

3x1 heavy (same weight)


Conditioning: 21-15-9 +500m

deadlifts 225/155

c2b pull ups

500m run

Parker Williams
Hump day

It's Wednesday y'all. Time to dial in some technique, and use a movement we don't always get to do. Should be fun!



Skill: T2B

4x10-15 reps technique work


Conditioning: 5 rounds

12 taters 55/35

6 burpees

Start and finish with 500m run

Parker Williams

Well that was tough.... but hey, it's a Hero wod! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day off! See you today!

Conditioning: 20 min amrap

300m row

10 burpee over box jumps

30 double unders

Core: weighted dead bugs


Parker Williams
Labor Day!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Monday we will have a 9am hero wod. Come hang out!

Parker Williams

Just a reminder that Monday is Labor Day and we will only have one class at 9am. Hope you all can join us.  

Tomorrow Partner Wod @9am

Open Gym 10-12

Have a great weekend everyone  

Coach Louis

Louis Papas

Those RDL's are something else arnt they? Great job today everyone! Hope those hammys recover quick.  

Monday (Labor Day) we will have one workout @9am to celebrate Labor Day. We will be closed the remainder of the day.  

Coach Louis 


Strength: HH sq Snatch



Conditioning: 5 rounds

15 OH Sq 95/65

300m run

Louis Papas

Awesome job today everyone. Jackie is a tough benchmark workout and you all tackled 2 rounds of it like champs. It was really cool to compare many of your times today to when you did this workout in fundamentals. It always great to look back and see how far you've come! I'm proud of all of you. 

Coach Louis


Strength: Romanian Deadlift



Conditioning: 12 min amrap

12 DL 135/95

10 v-ups

8 box jumps 24/20”


Lean and Mean: EMOM 16

  1. 15 DL

20 sec hollow hold

15 air squats

8-10 burpees

Louis Papas

Tomorrow is nacho average cardio day. Don't miss the opportunity to work on a movement that we don't do very often. Also a double benchmark workout


Coach Louis

Core: Turkish Get up

10 min amrap (steady)

Conditioning: 2 rounds

1000m row

50 barbell thrusters

30 pull ups

Louis Papas

I hope you all enjoyed some good ole fashioned strength work today! Let's get the top half going tomorrow with some pressing.  

See you all tomorrow 

Coach Louis


Strength: Military Press

4x6 ahap (one weight)

Conditioning: 30-20-10

power clean 115/75

HR push ups

200m after each round

Lean and Mean: 5 rounds

10 push press

20 jump lunges

30 russian kb swings

Louis Papas

  Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. Monday's are one of my favorite days to train.  start the week off right with a whole bunch of strength work.  Don't miss it!

Coach Louis



Back Squat

3x5 @90% of 5 rep max

* if you don't have an accurate 5rm find one and complete 1 set of 5 @90 of that 5rm.  


Russian Split squats (front rack)



5 alternating rounds

10 barbell good mornings

10 bent over rows

Louis Papas

Great finish to the week everyone! Tomorrow Coach Parker is going to lead you through a really fun Partner Wod at 9am

Open gym 10-12

Louis Papas

Congratulations to all those who PR'd today. Let's finish off the week with some overhead work!

Coach Louis


Strength: Snatch Balance



Conditioning: 3 rounds

12 hang clean 155/105

18 t2b

400m run

Louis Papas